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    Range Photos

     Here is where you can find the rest of my pictures, including shots of the various projectiles I have used, different range setups, and some of the different ways I have transported my spud guns.  I know there may be some duplicates from the personal artillery section, but I felt the pictures also illustrated something from the Range as well.

Caulk Tube Projectile

P3060001.JPG (59277 bytes)

  Side view of said tube, estimated length: 12"

P3060002.JPG (60016 bytes)

  Top-down shot, not very big, almost a perfect fit for a 2" barrel 

P3060003.JPG (63652 bytes)

  The bricks were rather crude, but I don't have a frame for the gun yet.

P3060004.JPG (64514 bytes)

  Target: Big Tree

P3060005.JPG (63712 bytes)

  Result: 1/2" deep hole and a busted projectile tip.

P3060006.JPG (60571 bytes)

  I decided to finish off the test session with a few traditional spud shots.

P3060007.JPG (63589 bytes)

  Here I am trying to locate where one of the shots landed.  Never did find it though.
  I had been surfing around the net, looking for some new stuff to try, and I cam across a description of a dart of sorts, fashioned from a caulking tube.  I searched around my house to find a suitable tube, and began taping it to fit the barrel of one of my guns.  Once the projectile was finished, I took it out front, set up the gun, loaded and fired!  I didn't charge the gun with my usual amount of fuel, cause if it blew up I didn't want to go up along with it.  The damage to the intended target (the tree) was minimal.  Scuffed up a 2" circle of bark, and put a 1/2" deep hole where the plastic tip hit.  Definitely an interesting thing to try if you have nothing else to do, but beware the fit of the tube into the barrel!


Experimentation with Golf Ball Projectiles (GBP)

P1120003.JPG (64100 bytes)

 A good view of me with the gun, and the designated target, a white Isuzu Stylus

P1120004.JPG (63701 bytes)

 Not a good place to be if the gun is loaded, but it wasn't.

P1120005.JPG (52368 bytes)

 You can see where a potato slightly dented the door.

P1120006.JPG (55524 bytes)

 Here is what happens when you fire a golf ball at a car door!  

P1120007.JPG (62661 bytes)

 This was an attempt to take a picture of a GBP in mid-flight, but it didn't turn out.

  Just a few notes about this experiment.  Don't fire anything other than potatoes from you gun, as it can be considered a weapon and hence be illegal and seized by the police.  Second, make very sure you know where you are firing, as I found out the hard way.  I wasn't shooting from a bench or vice, so I had a shot go slightly high, resulting in a huge mess, here is what happened: first the projectile hit the door on the plastic trim just below the window, then bounced and broke the side mirror, and finally hit the window and totally blew it out!  Usually that would result in the police being called, possibly a fight, or other undesirable situations, but I was shooting at a junked car, so the owner wasn't too pissed at me.  



Back Yard Range

P5280004.JPG (64091 bytes)  Simple target made from plywood, set up against a pallet.
P5280005.JPG (62970 bytes)  Side view, giving an idea of how the target was propped up.
P5280006.JPG (62187 bytes)  Profile shot showing distance from gun to target
P5280007.JPG (63990 bytes)  Scale shot of the golf bal bullet compared to a BBQ igniter.
P5280008.JPG (65891 bytes)  If you look closely you can see where the heat melted the PVC around the screws.


Experimental Frame

P6100015.JPG (64390 bytes)  I got tired of having to hold the gun, so I decided to strap it to a engine hoist.
P6100016.JPG (60763 bytes)  Nice over the barrel shot here.
P6100017.JPG (64250 bytes)  This is definitely not a view anyone should see.
P6100018.JPG (59137 bytes)  Me posing with my odd contraption.


Front Field Testing Range

P9260012.JPG (63345 bytes)  Distance to Target - 20'
P9260013.JPG (60204 bytes)  Thickness of Target - 1/2"
P9260014.JPG (61339 bytes)  Nice shot of the damage!
P9260015.JPG (63465 bytes)  This picture shows a piece of the wadding used, stuck to a blade of grass.
P9260016.JPG (61276 bytes)  This is where the casing for the golf ball landed, 51' 3" from the target
P9260019.JPG (63313 bytes)  Here is a picture looking up from where the casing was found to the target.
P9260017.JPG (58333 bytes)  And eventually I found where the ball landed, 108' 6" from the casing!
P9260018.JPG (63394 bytes)  The view from the final resting place of the ball.  Quite a ways down the field.